Monday, 14 September 2009

A wee present...but not the nice kind :o(

This morning at 6:30 I came down the stairs all bleary eyed muttering under my breath "where's ma boots? where's ma boots? Och, Ahm gonnie be late! Wait, aye they'll be in front of the couch where I left them after going for a wee half hour when I got in from work yesterday..." when the cat (Wolfie) came running out to see me, tail straight up in the air and purring like a chainsaw.

I thought "thats's funny he's usually out or sleeping at this time in the morning". He didn't even get under my feet either (as is normally the case) instead, he ran straight back into the living room and to my boots. "Clever little bugger ain't he, found my boots and everything" I thought.

Wolfie being restrained as a mouse gets a lucky reprieve!

Well, you can guess what I thought when I discovered why he was so pleased with himself!


  1. Atleast Wolfie hadn't left a little parcel in the boots!

  2. I'm not sure Wolfie's that clever - he's put a mouse in a boot that clearly says 'cat', not 'mouse'!

  3. Always wondered what a mouse looked like once it was in the cat, now all has been revealed ;-)

  4. We've come to realise that he's not the smartest pussy in the world.


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