Monday, 31 August 2009


While doing a favour for a fellow blogger that involved going through some old photie's I found myself sticking an old CD of pics from my very first Munro...back when I was the electrical maintenance apprentice at Baker Oil Tools.

I'd always done a lot of hiking with the scouts as a kid but going through my teens I drifted from it. I took the opportunity to do a charity hike with some work mates and it wasn't until long after I left Baker Oil Tools and after I'd spent time traveling 'down under' that I decided I wanted to keep up the whole outdoor thing. That eventually led to me finding OM and eventually after lurking for a long time meeting up with some people who can only now be described as friends....Anyway I digress,imagine my surprise this morning when I saw who I'd been standing on that bloody freezing summit with, all those years ago!

No laughing at the peely wally legs!

Who is this strange man I keep meeting on mountain tops?


  1. OMG that is really spooky. Who'd ave figured that you two had met before !!

    Note to self to get rid of that hat once and for all.......

  2. That is unbelievable! Remember it well, I'd also just got back into hillwalking and my work colleague, Steve Fraser (2nd from right) who's from East Kilbride, asked if I wanted to join him and some pals on a charity walk of the Lawers Group. I do now recall some young whippersnapper amongst all us oldies!

  3. Aw this is great.
    I shall await your submission with interest :o)

  4. Now that is FUNNY! Brill! Me and Nicky laughing our moobs and boobs off here! When was that then? BBF I can't believe how skinny you are on that!

  5. I must admit it was bloody weird when I spotted it, I nearly coughed my cup oftea over the screen!

    I reckon it must've been a good 6 maybe even 7 years ago. Aye, looking back you can tell it must've been shortly after when I discovered beer.

    I had a purple north face skiing waterproof which was too small and a pair of brashers which I still own and are respectably light for a pair of boot by the way. Even the gore tex liner in them is still intact!


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