Thursday, 27 August 2009

That'll do!

OK...readers,listeners(or whatever it is you actually call those who visit blogs?)it has been brought to my attention twice now that this page has been lacking in content recently. I'll apologise and offer some pathetic excuses.

The reality is the only mountains that I've been near to recently are the mountains of extra work I suddenly am expected to do. I'm stuck on stupid shifts and recently had to work a lot of extra hours...however the camel's back broke this week(I'm not talking about hydration systems). My foot went down and I marked the shift planner as 'unavailable for overtime'. All around there was a few sharp indrawn breaths as I was told "questions will be asked" and "You have to be careful you know". Well, I've had enough. If questions are asked then they will be answered and the only people who have to be careful are the ones who get in my way. I'm going out to play this weekend and everyone else who doesn't have a sense of fun can sod off!

There has been a few indoor adventures grabbed in the mornings before starting back shift and night shift over the last couple of weeks (more about them later)and then there's the mountain of gear for this new hobby that's been growing suddenly as well.

Just look at all that shiny stuff!

The yellow background to that photie is the fly from the replacement Golite Shangri La 3 that I sent back a wee while ago. That'll need seam sealed on the next dry spell we have before it's next outing, also I was thinking the other day that my trusty Laser Comp hasn't been oot since the photie at the very top of this page. There's an OM meet coming up soon that we're going to and I've got a few more ideas in the pipeline too.

Aye dont worry, normal service shall resume shortly ;o)


  1. Yay!
    That's a nice photie above, where is it? :o)

    (not the shiny new gear photie!)

  2. The photie was taken at an Outdoors Magic(Kinlochleven)meet last year. Myself, Gordy and Beth had a fantastic wildcamp in the Mamores on Fri night before the weather turned nasty on the Sat morning. The rest of the meet was spent in the Icefactor meeting PTC, Elaina, Steve, Cath, Matt, Elaine, Scott etc

    Heres Gordy's write up

    (it was from before I had one of these new fangled blogamajig things)

  3. Thats the style, enjoy the break.

    That new gear wouldn't be for a climbing wall would it?

  4. Aye, I intend to :o)

    Yep it's climbing wall stuff. It's cracking good fun and a great workout into the bargain. Something to do when the weather's keech.

  5. What sort of fecking excuse is that!!!!!

    ;-) only kidding matey, know how you feel mate I did a 64 hour week last week! Fecking knackered and worked the last seven weekends, haven't been out walking since I did the 6 peaks challenge in June!

    Bought a shiny new green Golite Shangri-La 3 which I hold you totally responsible for btw! Got the nest too, I don't need the nest but Nicky refuses to get in it like the sheler but I reckon once she sees it in action she may be changed! I had i up in garden and am hugley impressed.

    After working last seven weeks I got a nice pay packet so as well as the Shangri-La 3 and nest I also bought one of the new models of the Golite Jam which is fantastic, best pack I've ever owned was a Pinnacle but this 40 litre version of the Jam with better back venting is absolutely perfect to use for both backpacking and day walking, some unique compression on it too. Also forked out on a pair of Carbon Pacer Poles which too are ace and I will eventually use to hold up the Shangri-La 3, once I have a method I can trust.

    Quick question... Not sure if you have put it up with the nest yet but when you put up the nest I take it you do that first and use the same pegs then put the fly onto the same pegs after? Take it you don't need pegs for both fly and nest?

    We're driving down to Kate's tomorrow in Cardif and doing a wild camp with her in the Brecon Beacons Saturday, can't wait as never done the Brecons and Kate knows the best spots! :-)

    Hope you get out again son matey, we'll be up for the Glencoe meet so will see you them probably!


  6. Hi Jamie,

    Should've got the yellow one...its stronger and lighter ;o)

    Um I dont have the nest but I'm tempted to get one for use with Louise. When I'm solo I just use my MLD bivi inside.

    I imagine having the hex shaped floor to peg out would make pitching easier. Getting the six pegs in an equal hex just by eye is a wee bit trickier but I've got a solution using a guide/template from the colorable life blog on the side bar there. I'll email you the pegging guide doodah if you want?

    Joining poles? I'm using a sawn off handle section off my old Alpkit carbon poles to join the bottom two sections from each of my Mountain king poles. Its rock solid, easy to adjust (just tighten the way you normally twist a pole tight) and very, very light. You're welcome to the handle section off the other pole if you want? I'll not take the credit for this idea though, it came from Parky at OM.

    Aye, I'm looking forward to Glencoe, see you there. Have fun on the Brecons and say hi to Kate.

  7. Gees a shout when you are heading over to the wall dude I will climb with you if you want !

  8. Good to see you posting again bbf! Nae photies of the wall, I am disappointed! Looking forward to Glencoe too!

  9. Ah the joys of new hobbies and new kit for it ;-)

    Bobinson, we're off to the wall on Monday if you fancy it

  10. Aye Bobinson, Monday afternoon. You're more than welcome :o)

    Patience Ayrshire Tiger, all in due course. Louise say's I can only post the shots that don't make her arse look big ;o)


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