Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hang on!

Typically as I go back to work the weather get's nicer, harrumph!

With this flat buying farce(the end is almost in sight)and with work ramping up my hours without any consultation, I've not been getting to the mountains much recently and it looks like it'll remain so for a few weeks yet. It's not all bad news though, the weather has been a bit keech recently and I suppose I shouldn't complain about having to do extra hours in an economic climate where people are losing their jobs and having their hours cut. Shiny new kit (which now seems to include things like vacuum cleaners and coffee tables???) doesn't pay for itself you know.

On Saturday the weather wasn't very nice and made the wee wander we had planned look a bit grim. We settled for lunch in the hungry monk before going home to get ready for a mates birthday party. A suggestion from a friend (who some might know from OM as TBW) saw us spending Sunday indoors at Glasgow Climbing Centre doing part 1 of the introductory course. The centre itself is in an old converted church complete with stained glass windows. It's a great wee place full of character and interest. The course was great fun and we were both told we were "climbing notably well" we cannae wait for part 2 next week! My original intention was to use the climbing wall as a means to getting more used to the feeling of exposure and become more confident with rope work etc but I suspect it's going to become another hobby I get to buy shiny kit for!


  1. Finally found your Blogammyjig and you ramble (see what I did there) on this as much as in real life. At least I can read this and not hear all about it in the pub now, like that will stop you. Seriously though its looking good, the blog not you!!!

  2. There'll be no pub for me for at least another week and even then its doubtfull :o(

  3. You and me both nightshift all last week and working the weekend and away to sunny Lerwick for a few nightshifts as well. Then once thats over we go and wax the pay packets (I wish) on beer and loose women NO GEAR!!!


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