Saturday, 29 August 2009

Church doesnae have to be just on a Sundays!

As mentioned recently I've been spending some time at Glasgow Climbing Centre with Louise and Elaina.

It was Elaina who originally twisted my arm to start going, although I didn't need much to encourage me. I'd always wanted to get into climbing (Indoors and outdoors) in the past but the usual problem of being unable to do it by yourself would always rear it's head. Now there's 3 of us and Bobinson sound's like he's keen to climb with us too, fantastic!

I love the fact that the old building hasn't changed much but now has a unique and novel use of its cavernous inner sanctum. Apart from the obvious fun of taking part in climbing shenanigans there's always something interesting to poke about or be looking at, like the intricate woodwork in the rafters and the stained glass windows.

The climbing itself is a great workout, I seem to always manage to work up a sweat when tackling routes that I find challenging. The next day I can feel deep in my muscles that I've been asking them to do stuff they don't normally do but I'm never stiff or sore the way I used to get from both running or lifting weights. It's a fun activity that also has a social aspect to it and isn't dependant on the weather meaning we'll be keeping this up I reckon, even more fantastic!!

After my "wobble" on Skye earlier this year I was keen to try the climbing to get me more used to the feeling of exposure but so far I've been completely confident and happy in there. I wonder if that'll change when we eventually progress onto outdoor stuff? Hmmm, we'll see.

In the short time we've been going we have all progressed a grade and seem to have found the level we are shooting for next. Learning good technique and progressing onwards(and upwards) interests me but I think that it's more important to be having fun and enjoy the company and banter. It's a bit like hillwalking, getting the "tick" is a nice way to keep a record of hills you've done but when thats the only aim then it all becomes a bit pointless in my view.

Now that I've written this and looked at my photie's again I cannae wait till Monday afternoon :o)


  1. Yeah for new hobbies :-)

    You're right about the work out, and although my hands & arms ache initially it doesn't last which means my technique must be improving!!

    Just shown your blog to Craig (AT's youngest) and he's up for trying it out :-)

  2. fantastic setting for a climbing club! I would love to get into climbing but get the colly-wobbles just leaning out of a first floor window :(

  3. At this rate we'll need to queue up to get a shot ;o)

    You could use climbing to work on those "colly wobbles" starting off indoor makes a difference I think. The psychology behind this stuff is confusing though. I've never had the "colly wobbles" before but then got them on Skye for some reason and never since. I was half expecting to get them while climbing but its not happening...not that thats a complaint!

  4. Lucky sod, there isn't a wall anywhere near me, I'm insanely jealous ;-)

  5. That's well impressive! We have a tiny thing in Northampton in a sports hall but that's it. Indoor climbing is on the list of things to do this winter... it's all Iain Gallagher's fault, making me rope up to scramble and making me thing I'm a 'real' climber haha

  6. Aye, the Tiger Cub is up for it! Will need to check diaries and arrange something :-)

  7. I suppose we are lucky having a dedicated centre this close. It will I hope lead to more outdoor adventures of the more exciting sort!

    Aye that Iain Gallagher has a lot to answer for doesnt he ;o)

    AT, Elaina mentioned the sunday of the Sept weekend?


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