Saturday, 1 August 2009

Behold, Cyclone Power!!!

Well...with all this flat buying nonsense going on behind the scenes of Bigbananamountains I figured it was time to take a few tentative steps towards being a proper grown up, all responsible and everything!

I bought my first hoover ;o)

I'd been given a tip that there were a few going cheap in Asda but when I got there I was befuddled with the choice. I mean a hoover's a hoover right? Um, no. Not when I'm buying it it's not.

I got the one with the most power and the coolest sounding name, and the best thing about it is it's ORANGE!! Alright!

I'll do a proper test once I've figured out how to use the 'crevice tool'!?!??


  1. So it seems no-one has an opinion on your newest bit of kit - the hoover! I wonder why?... So I will.
    You have bought the type that we women call "those hoovers that give you a sore back!" (all that bending over to use the hose). Yes it is probably lighter than an upright & benefits are that its easier to carry up stairs. Your flat may of course not have any stairs? so you are fine there. The crevice tool is used for getting into all of those wee nooks and crannies or to sook the dust and crap that gathers down the edges of your couch. A drawback may be that it looks tiny which means you are going to have to empty it more.
    Well done for being a grown up and by proper housey type stuff! :o)
    and btw.. a hoover is never just a hoover, its a tool that will keep your house clean and tidy and as such it should last for years ....... :o)

  2. Hmm, I was beggining to wonder why myself...

    I'm clearly not very clued up on hoovers then, it seems. I knew I should've asked for advice first ;o)

    Anyway I'm sure louise will work out how to use it soon ;o)

    I've been busy recently with all the red tape side of the flat buying. I cant say I'm getting on well with all the legal jargon.

    I promise normality will resume in here shortly, it'll bee all back to mountain shenanigans and gear soon enough.

  3. I felt a strong urge to retaliate when I read that so here is my review of the 2000w Electrolux Cyclone Power Vacuum Cleaner (or should I say "Floor care" device since that's what's written on the box) A Hoover is a Hoover they all suck! The pun wasn't intended but I like it :P

    Having played proper grown up for coming on 10years now it didn't take me long to figure out how to work your baby, but I'm only going to give it 3 stars:

    1 for being cute
    1 for being pretty good for such a small Hoover
    & the biggest shiniest star, stuff it 2 stars for scaring the cat! (don't get me wrong I like cats just not when they have long hair & are inside ALL the time)

    While the 2000w cyclone power is pretty awesome & I did get a certain amount of satisfaction from seeing how fast the cat bolted when I turned it on (stupid thing's hair is all over the clean laundry) this is a size does matter situation!

    I still had to stoop even with the hose/thingy whatever you want to call the metal extendy bit fully extended so it is as Angela observed "one of those Hoovers that give you a sore back".

    Also the "Turbo Head" the smallest one in the box (the one used to clean up after cats & long haired people who malt almost as badly) is half the size of the normal on it involves twice the amount of work pushing the damn thing around... shotgun not vacuuming!!

  4. sorry I'm missing an e & a comma that make the end make far more sense it should be: one, it not: on it

  5. tut tut, I hope Louise makes you hoover for the first 6 months in the flat for that comment! :o)
    have you tried it yet?
    hope all the legal stuff gets sorted soon without too much stress.


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