Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A youthful naivety

Working the night shift you get used to the factory rhythms slowing pace, the open plan office is peaceful and actually productive for a change. It's a pain adjusting to the unsociable hours but it pays the bills...just.

Sitting very very early in the morning enjoying a cuppa before going off to type up my shift report, we spotted through the window in the car park these two baby gulls. They must be nesting nearby as I've seen them wandering around in the mornings occasionally for a wee while now. They've obviously not yet learnt to be afraid of humans yet as they were totally un-phased by me pointing my phone-camera at them.

I've only had a week off from normal outdoor activities and already I'm feeling deprived. I shouldn't complain though, so far this year has been great outdoors wise for me. I've done loads, easily twice as much as last year and I just cannae help but get excited when I think winter has still to come! I've a work night out this Fri meaning Sat will more than likely be spent nursing a hangover. So I don't care what the weather decides for Sun, I'm going out to play no matter what. In fact I'm secretly hoping it'll rain. I've a new jacket to test :o)


  1. Nice Jacket. I had one for a few days on account of a shipping era. Not for me on account of I have too many jackets as it is. But having tried one of those Oz's I think you made a good choice.

  2. You won't be dissapointed. At least not if you wire up the hood. Nice choice of colour by the way ;-)

  3. Too much gear eh? I wasn't aware there was such a thing...

    Dave, your mod instruction has been bookmarked. I only have to decide upon wire type. I'm contemplating butchering the hood of the leaky Rab that made me go out and get this to replace it.

    That'll serve it right!

  4. When has having several of one thing ever stopped a real gear-head getting another? :)

    And as to your request, I dont want it to rain as i am out playing this weekend ;)

  5. Och, go on, please...just a wee bit rain? Just enought to get my jacket wet and make photie's atmospheric.

    Naw, seriously I hope you all get good weather for the Brecons meet. (it is this weekend ain't it?) Say hi to Metric Kate for me and if it rains...sorry,it's probably my fault ;o)

  6. You never found a budgie green one then? Never mind this looks ok. Does it work though?

    I need a new one (waterproof)... soon! Well maybe 'need' is being confused with 'want' but isn't it always like that when you're after new kit. Must try to resist just now though.

  7. I found a couple of budgie ones in "escape route" in Pitlochry, only in a medium tho. I thought my luck was in but the medium arms are a little on the shortside causing the body to ride up when I lift them.

    It's annoying as the medium in the kaza fits fine.

    As far as working> I've no idea but it gets rave review from PTC* and others that I trust.

    I only resist if I really can't afford.

  8. The Oz is a great wee jacket. I went for a Large to get the sleeve length and havnae noticed any excess "flappage" in the body, so to speak.

    I've just bought a Medium Kaza and it's fine which surprised me a wee bit. I expected the sleeves to be a bit on the short side but they're spot on.

    Sizing's a minefield, even within the same brand.

  9. We must be out of the same mould then Kev!

    Aye, it just show's that trying stuff on is actually sensible.

  10. Good choice on a number of levels, it turns out the Ozo won't be here until March.
    Rab haven't even got close weight-wise with their new eVent rip-off, so Paclite it is!

  11. I've gone right off Rab recently and for decency's sake I'd best not mention eVent.

    I'm mighty impressed with the lack of weight in the Oz yet it still feels...substantial. This year I've been starting to realise just how good Haglof's kit really is.

    I had the Oz out on Sunday but as soon as I stepped out the car the sun came out. Hopefully it'll pull the same trick as Metric Kate's Oz!

  12. Martin Carpenter28 July 2009 at 11:47

    Well RAB's pertex shield rip off promises to be rather closer in weight, if also of course fabric performance ;)

    The Oz really doesn't fit me well so I'm vaguely hoping they give that the same absurdly long sleeves as their slipstream (which does).

  13. My Suilven (discontinued) and Super Dru (leaky, delaminating) and Generator (still warm, buried in my daypack still) all have or had the typical long baboon arms. I'd say it's probably likely to.

  14. Martin Carpenter29 July 2009 at 11:33

    Ah well, their normal arm length (Momentum say) isn't really quite long enough for me. Sometimes though they seem to put a little extra on for good luck :)


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