Thursday, 23 July 2009

Outlook not good :o(

I know I've got a new waterproof shell to try out but this is ridiculous. I've just seen the forecast for Sunday. Maybe I'll manage out on Saturday then, hungover or not.

See what I get for going and buying a sunhat!


  1. lol

    I am trying not to hex the weather down here for the weekend but its not looking too bad....


  2. Where are you testing the new jacket at the weekend??

  3. Ooh - Let us know where you are going each weekend and we will go in completely the other end of the kingdom to get the good weather!

  4. I've woken far too late today so I think I'll cut the grass and maybe go visit grannie.

    I'll get oot tomorrow but I suspect it'll be low level maybe. Maybe the trail around the Argarten peninsula or something.

  5. Alan, I'm gonna post plans on here next time then try going elsewhere in a bid to fool yon weather.

  6. Hungover were you?? :o)
    I was oot!! tried my new wind top - was very good! Knackered now though but it was great.

  7. Just a wee bit, a couple of nuun tabs dropped into a 1 litre sigg of cold water and a couple of bacon rolls sorted me out though.

    Where'd you get to today then? Anywhere nice? The kaza is great!

    I'll play tomorrow by ear I think, away to phone a chinese and open a bottle of red ;o)

  8. I went up Ben Lomond - again! But i was by myself so wanted to do something i'd done before - not brave enough to go somewhere new on my own. It was mobbed, honestly. i'm gonna blog it soon and put some pics up, couldn't see the summit for tourists ha ha.

    Ah i phoned a chinese when i got in, now lazying on the couch with Irn Bru :o)

    Bacon rolls, now they're my sunday morning treat!

  9. I've still never been up Ben Lomond, I always seem to be driving past it on the other side of the water on my way elsewhere though. I quite fancy the route PTC* and Bobinson took recently.

    I'll look forward to seeing your pics then.


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