Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Little bits 'n pieces

This afternoon I got up after not much sleep (a combination of nightshift and the bloody council digging up the pavement outside) and got some chores out of the way before nipping into town to poke about the gearshops and have a coffee.

The first thing I had to do was go to the post office and send back the Golite Shangri La 3 back to hike-lite as I discovered a couple of wee nicks in the silnylon panels on either side of the door zip. It's a great tent and I was mighty impressed on Sat night on Ben Vorlich however there was much wetness...I'll post a proper write up this week when my body decides whether its coming or going, I promise ;o)
After a quick coffee in Tiso's I picked up a couple of little bits 'n pieces in town that should make life a little more comfortable in the mountains.

First up is the Platypus 2L collapsible bottle which should be better for carrying extra water for those high camps where water is scarce. It has a greater capacity than my old 1L sigg thats currently been filling that role. It's lighter and packs away to nothing when not being used. I'm also hoping it'll pack better when full as it's not ridgid.

Next is one of the Trekmates cooling crystal hats. After nearly melting on Sat and having my face burnt in Glen Ey the other week I decided I needed a hat no matter how silly I look. These ones are clever though and if they work will be worth the pointing and sniggering. Sewn inside the headband are magic beans...no, wait its polymer crystals that if you submerge them for 4 mins, sook up a load of water which they retains for a few days keeping the wearer cool. Aye, we'll see.

As a change from the usual Reiter Travellunch meals I grabbed a few Mountainhouse freeze dried meals. There's pasta with lasagne sauce, spaghetti bolognaise and chilli corn carne with rice. In a couple of weeks when I'm allowed back out to play I'll be eating them and hopefully not starving on the side of some mountain.


  1. I prefer the magic beans explanation! I'm sure, following the golden principal of lightweight backpacking, you could use magic beans for more than just keeping your head cool.

  2. Might have to look into other uses seeing as it'll probably just rain for the rest of the year now that I've gone and bought a sun hat!


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