Friday, 15 May 2009

Out of office

Today has been a productive if stressfull day. I've been making steps towards some of those imminent changes I mentioned a few post's ago. I dont want to say too much on here however, incase I jinx it.

It'll be quiet around here for the next week as I'm off to Skye tomorrow and I cant wait! It'll be a welcome break after all, as the saying goes "all work and no play makes Bigbananafeet a dull boy!"

I've a few items of gear I'd like to write up proper review's of when I return and I promise to take loads of photies whilst I'm away! Good times!


  1. Enjoy mate !
    Remember take lots of photies

  2. Man, I've been going through the 'photies' tonight and I'm blown away, even though I saw it for real all last week.

    Skye is a breathtaking place! I'm already planning my next adventure's there!


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