Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Goodbye and hello...thankfully!

Some of those who know me will be aware of a certain eye wateringly bright windproof which has been the subject of much amusement.

It was an old Montane featherlight smock bought in that colour for visibility whilst road running and I found that it worked well on the hill too although I could've done with another inch or so on the arms.

I decided to replace it with a more sensibly coloured top from Montane following PTC*'s highlight of the lightspeed. Its good but after trying it out on the hill twice I just dont like its cut. It's too short for my baboon like arms, it rides up at the back and the hood which I dont actually like in the wind makes the collar too tight when its rolled away. Fit is a very personal thing though and this is a great top, it's just not for me though. Maybe I'll stick it on the OM classifieds. It deserves a good home.

So, just when I thought I was going to have to dig out the shades and the dayglo top again I discovered this bad boy.

It's not an exclusive new bit of kit, it's been around for a while but I'm happy because I've found something that fits and works well. I've come to realise that I prefer the simplicity of a smock cut. The Haglofs Kaza is a close fitting simple pullover style top with some clever detailing that works well in real life.

I've been thrashing about Skye in it in all weather's last week and it's been great. It's very breathable and windproof and it'll hold off small showers. It has a decent length to the arms and thumb loops allowing for a full range of articulated movement which doesn't make the rest of the top ride up. There's a one handed draw cord aduster on the waist. A soft lined collar, under arm mesh and it stow's away nicely in it's own chest pocket. There's nothing new or groundbreaking here but it's been well planned and executed.

As long as my pack doesn't wear through it ridiculously quick or anything stupid this'll be seeing lots of hill time I reckon.

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