Monday, 20 April 2009

When it all gets too much... can really help to have somewhere to escape to. A place thats special, that holds some personal meaning. Somewhere to explore, both the surroundings and also personal thoughts.

My Grampa was originally from the nearby mining village of Muirkirk and spent a lot of his youth exploring the local countryside. My Grannie tells me that when they were 'courtin' she would wait for him coming up out the pits with a packed lunch and they would head off over the moors. He was involved in the Kames Colliery disaster of 19th Nov 1957. He was working on another level and managed to get out ok, but went back in several times to rescue his workmates.

Having recently suffered the loss of my Grampa, the hills and moors around Muirkirk are a place I find myself going to much more often now. I go to feel a little closer to him or when I just want some peace and quiet to reflect upon life. I always feel settled and calmer after a wee visit here, even the windfarm in the distance can't annoy me.

Cairn Table is a busy wee hill, more often than not I meet folk out for a wander and the car park even has a handy wee shelter with bench for changing footwear in. The hills here arent very big but they have certain steepness to them which adds a bit of character. I like the wide openness of the area, I find it very humbling and easy to feel in touch with nature even though it's so close to home.

Even on a damp and grey day my younger cousin Helen thoroughly enjoyed being out here.

I'll have to get her out more often and soon so she can really appreciate the beauty of this place when when the weather plays ball.


  1. Memories are a powerful thing. You must have some wonderful ones of the hills as a youth wondering hills like that.

  2. Most of my youthfull memories are of trips with the scouts and the fast disapearing local countryside around East Kilbride.

    It's only recently I've started to explore around Muirkirk properly.

  3. The hills might well be small but that cairn goes a long way tomake up for it! (or is your cousin just realy small?)

  4. Hi Dave, aye the cairn is fairly impressive. Its actually a war memorial built in rememberance of the locals of Muirkirk who lost their lives in the first world war.

    Its a fantastic area, absolutely steeped in history. I dont think I'll ever get bored exploring it.

  5. One of those areas that I'll probably never get around to. The "bigger" areas exert such a pull and there's so much to do. When I read accounts like this I feel we all miss so much by heading for the meccas but then again I guess its a good thing that we don't swamp these places.

  6. Aye, the Kilpatricks is another wee gem I used to drive past all the time until I met PTC*.

    The hills around Moffat have a nice character about them too and most folk coming up from England drive straight past this area on their way to the 'northern honey pots'. I suppose I'm also lucky in the respect that I can jump on the motorway heading south and be there in about 45 min approx.

    Oh aye, and Moffat is an official 'walker friendly town' which roughly translates as...'please come and spend your money here'.


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