Thursday, 30 April 2009

These just in!

After running out of water on Beinn A’ Ghlo at the weekend there I figured that if I’m going to make the switch back to bottles, then I should have another one in my I bought two ;o)
Apparently the orange/copper ones are as rare as hen’s teeth. They certainly weren’t listed as in stock on the website I ordered these from, so I selected red. I was woken (nightshift again) by a phone call from the wee man at the shop who was very apologetic. They “unfortunately had no reds left” and “would I mind terribly if they exchanged it for orange?”



  1. Aye, oval bottles are the way forward.
    You can get neoprene covers for them, they work well too.

  2. Sigg Oval: Too cool to only have the one.

    Don't tell me where you got the orange one FFS or I'll be right in there :o(

  3. Oohh a neoprene cover would be a lot nicer in winter.

    Kev they came from here


  4. Thanks a bunch :o(

    Sadly, no sooner had I left here, I went looking for the Olive one. Found it, bought it. I'm a nightmare :o)


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