Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Keen Targhee 2, comfy straight out of the box.

On our recent attempt at Glen Affric earlier this month I was unprepared in the footwear dept. I went with only my Salomon xa-pro-3d ultra's (I'll need to review these as well at some point) and was slowly failing to convince myself that the prospect of two days of cold wet feet would be ok.

After breakfast in Ft Bill we nipped round to Ellis Brigham's to have a look at waterproof socks, and in between Petesy's verbal sparring match with the shop assistant, I somehow found myself buying pair of Keen Targhee 2 mids . I also picked up a pair of Seal Skinz ultra light socks but we'll hear about them later.

I made the foolhardy, although in this case wise, decision to wear the Keen's straight out of the box. Straight away the fit 'felt right', a nice snug fit with no heel lift. The fit is very specific though with the trademark wide toe box which seems to suit me.

Those who know me will also know of my previous misery with footwear, especially the lined variety.

The original Keen Targhees had issues with the eVent liner leaking and I believe the company are Keen (see what I did there!) to lose that image and so have switched to their own 'Keen-Dry' membrane, which as far I know comes with a 2 year guarantee.

The Targhee 2's have some very nice features which show that someone's been thinking. Things like the lace locks which make tying and getting the fit just right that much easier. Even the laces themselves are designed so they stay tied. The only way I can think to describe it is, that they have an uneven, almost twisted like consistency. The nubuck uppers have areas cleverly cut out so that where your foot bends, there is no leather to flex and eventually crack; which could be uncomfortable and lead to the liner being damaged.

I wore them for the first few K's of the Glen Affric trip and I've been wearing them around my local hills and the park etc. So far I like em a lot. I'll get a few more miles on them and up some steeper stuff before I come back to this. My only fault so far is that maybe the tread pattern could be a bit more aggressive, and with that in mind I'll be pushing them to see when they let go.


  1. It's true, the sole is a little mild, which is frustrating. But they're so comfy I always make allowances for it and once you know the breaking point of the grip you stay upright.
    I'll be watching to see how long yours saty waterproof...

  2. Aye, I'm keeping a close eye on them for ingress. They're working well with my Integral designs eVent shortie gaiter, even the colour matches well ;o)

    I gave my old TNF hedgehogs a clean today (they've been relegated to 'general gutties' position) and they leaked even during that!


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