Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Earlier attempt.

The words and photies in this post are of an earlier attempt at this blogging lark. The words are just lifted directly from my Bebo page and the pictures are slightly better quality copies of the originals.

The clouds were doing some wonderful things yesterday, there seemed to be a band of cloud about 200 or 300 metres thick and it's top was sitting about 700 and occasionally lifting to the Munro summit then dropping back down. There was a wee bit of a breeze making everything fluid and constantly changing.

I stood for a bit getting some cracking shots of the cloud riding over the Cobbler(Ben Arthur) and lingered for a while watching a mass of cloud sitting in a corrie/hollow by the Narnain boulders getting bowled over at the top constantly by the wind before recirculating. It looked like massive waves on a beach minus the surfer.

The magic really happened though when I burst out through the cloud on the summit. Brilliant blue skies above and white cotton wool fluffiness all around for as far as the eye could see with the bulk of Beinn Ime, the Cobbler and the rest of the range poking through. My very first cloud inversion, I even got a broken spectre reflecting when I took photies when facing north. Absolutely stunning!!!

What made it even more magic was that I was expecting to spend the whole day in pea soup judging by the claggy sky when I left the house.

I reckon yesterday is easily one of my top ever hill days oot. The solitude was great but it would've been nice to share it with someone. I'll be out a lot more this year just incase the mountains give me a repeat performance!

I'm still floating in a wee bubble of joy ;o)


  1. Aye, a great day it was indeed. It was in Nov 2008 mid week as my shift pattern was 4 on 4 off then, so I had the summit to myself the whole day.

  2. Ah, good lad. I remember some of them from last year.
    A magic day oot that :o)

  3. There'll be plenty more this year I suspect...


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